The 17th Acute Disease Quality Initiative International Consensus Conference: Introducing Precision Renal Replacement Therapy.
ADQI Video Transcript (pdf):
Precision CRRT – Results from ADQI XVII – Video Transcript (English)

Related ADQI Publications (pdf):
Introduction -17th Acute Disease Quality Initiative
Precision CRRT and Solute Control_448507
Patients Selection and Timing_448506
Role of Technology_448527
Precision Fluid Management_448528

AKI & CRRT Conference Abstracts
CRRT 2007-2009 Abstracts reprinted courtesy of Blood Purification, CRRT 2010 and later reprinted from Conference Syllabus (all are pdf files).

Links to digital posters displayed at the conference are also available.

AKI & CRRT 2018 – Abstracts
AKI & CRRT 2017 – Abstracts and Posters
AKI & CRRT 2016 – Abstracts and Posters
AKI & CRRT 2015 – Abstracts and Posters
CRRT 2014 – Abstracts and Posters
CRRT 2013 – Abstracts and Posters
CRRT 2012 – Abstracts and Posters
CRRT 2011 – Abstracts
CRRT 2010 – Abstracts
CRRT 2009 – Abstracts
CRRT 2008 – Abstracts
CRRT 2007 – Abstracts

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