Changing Paradigms in Acute Kidney Injury: From Mechanisms to Management

Presented by The UAB-UCSD O’Brien Core Center for Kidney Injury Research

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Play Video┬áPlenary 1 – Molecules, Mechanisms and Targets

  • HIF Signaling in AKI – Volker Haase, MD
  • Cell Death Pathways in AKI – Andreas Linkermann, MD
  • Iron and Innate Immunity in AKI: Promising Therapeutic Targets – Swami Sundararaman, Sundararaman Swamina
  • Optogenetics in Understanding Mechanisms of AKI – Mark D. Okusa, MD
  • Discussion

Play Video Plenary 2 – Harmonizing Human and Animal AKI: Results from ADQI 13

  • Lung-kidney Cross-talk: The Role of Mitochondrial Dysfunction – Laura Crotty-Alexander, MD
  • Sepsis Induced AKI: Does Basic Science Match the Clinical Spectrum – John A. Kellum, MD
  • Genomic Determinants of AKI – David Leaf, MD, MMSc, FASN
  • Intestinal Microbiota in AKI – Hamid Rabb, MD
  • Discussion

Play Video Plenary 3 – Bench to Bedside: Translating Discoveries to Clinical Care

  • Transcriptional Profiling Differentiates AKI Subtypes – Jonathan Barasch, MD PhD
  • Micro-RNA Profile After Major Trauma and the Incidence of AKI and MOF – John Prowle, MA MSc MD FRCP FFICM
  • Urine Proteomic Analysis: A Viable Approach to Identify Biomarkers in AKI – John Arthur
  • Pre-implantation Kidney Biopsies as a Predictor for Delayed Graft Function – Roslyn Mannon, Dr.
  • Discussion

Play Video Plenary 4 – Controversies in AKI

  • Determining Renal Reserve in AKI – Claudio Ronco, MD
  • Do AKI Biomarker Trajectories Provide a Phenotype for AKI Prediction? – Rajit Basu, MD MS
  • AKI in Real Time: Prediction, Prognostication, and Alerts – Francis Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE
  • Assessing Renal Recovery after AKI: Can Biomarkers Help? – Zoltan Endre, MD, PhD
  • Clinical Trial Endpoints in AKI: What Should We Not Use? – Paul Palevsky, MD
  • Discussion