Changing Paradigms in Acute Kidney Injury: From Mechanisms to Management

Presented by UAB/UCSD O’Brien Center for AKI Research

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Play Video Plenary 1 – Molecules, Mechanisms and Targets

  • Energy Metabolism and Renal Stress Resistance – Samir Parikh, MD
  • Epigenetic Changes in AKI-CKD Transition – Masaomi Nangaku, MD
  • Hypoxia, Energetics and Renal Hemodynamics – Prabhleen Singh, MD
  • Function-blocking ανβ5 and ανβ6 Integrins Minimize Ischemic Kidney Injury – Bruce Molitoris, MD
  • Discussion

Play Video Plenary 2 – Of Mice and Men: Harmonizing Human and Animal AKI

  • Sepsis induced AKI: A Distinct Molecular Phenotype – John Kellum, MD
  • Human Kidney Organoids and Their Use in Modeling Diseases – Joseph Bonventre, MD
  • Remote Effects of Acute Kidney Injury – Matthieu LeGrand, MD
  • Discussion

Play Video Plenary 3 – Bench to Bedside: Translating Discoveries to Clinical Care

  • Nonpharmacological – Biomechanical Approaches to Control Inflammation in AKI Mark Okusa, MD
  • Immune Cells in AKI and Repair –  Hamid Rabb, MD
  • Lymphocyte Function in Human AKI –  Marlies Ostermann, MD
  • Stem cell-derived Microparticles in AKI – Vincenzo Cantallupi, MD
  • Vasopressin: A Novel Target for Prevention and Retardation of Kidney Disease – Lise Bankir, MD
  • Discussion

Play Video Plenary 4 – Controversies in AKI

  • AKI Adjudication: Do We Need It? – Kathleen Liu, MD
  • The Economic Consequences of AKI –  Glenn Chertow, MD
  • Clinical Trial Endpoints in AKI: Report from the STEP Group – Andrew Shaw, MB
  • Care of the AKI Survivor – Ron Wald, MD