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Supportive therapies for the management of critically ill patients continue to evolve as we gain new knowledge of the pathophysiology of multiorgan failure. Our website is dedicated to keeping our members educated in the developments of Critical Care Nephrology.

Please join Dr. Ravindra Mehta for this introductory interview as he describes the new developments with

The 17th Acute Disease Quality Initiative International Consensus Conference: Introducing Precision Renal Replacement Therapy.

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We are pleased to announce the dates of our 2019 conference: AKI & CRRT 2019 in San Diego February 26 – March 1, 2019!
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Critical Care Nephrology and Renal Replacement Therapy in Children

Experts from all over the globe have come together to share their wide experience in the field of Pediatric Critical Care Nephrology in children. Contributors are world-renowned experts from leading institutions across the world.

Stuart Goldstein & Akash Deep (Editors)
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Free Featured Lecture

Preventing AKI in the ICU: Current Guidelines

Michael Joannidis, MD
Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

This presentation was recorded at the AKI & CRRT 2018 Conference on March 7.


Determining Renal Reserve in AKI
Claudio Ronco, MD
Vicenza, Italy

The Brain and the Kidney
Andrew Davenport, MD, FrCP
London, United Kingdom

Functional Hemodynamic Management: Does it Work?
Michael Pinsky, MD
Pittsburgh, PA USA



The International Conference on Advances in Critical Care Nephrology

The AKI & CRRT Conference will once again provide a comprehensive coverage of the rapidly developing field of Critical Care Nephrology and CRRT. It will highlight the recent advances in our understanding of pathophysiology of critical illness, acute kidney injury, emerging strategies in the management of sepsis, multiorgan failure, development and use of biomarkers, technical advances in CRRT and the appropriate utilization of these techniques. Our program presents exciting new developments and evidence for assessing critically ill patients, pathophysiology of liver dysfunction and AKI using a mix of invited lectures, interactive workshops, tutorials, poster sessions and panel discussions.