Welcome to the site! This site is dedicated to keeping our members up-to-date on the developments in CRRT. Supportive therapies for the management of critically ill patients continue to evolve as we gain new knowledge of the pathophysiology of multiorgan failure. Continuous renal replacement therapies continue to define a platform to launch novel methods of extracorporeal support. Applications of these techniques are now coupled with new biomarkers serving as diagnostics and theranostics to inform the optimal timing of intervention. As we learn more about critical illness, it is evident that the availability of these versatile techniques offers unprecedented opportunities to influence the outcome of organ failure.

The content on our site will be a combination of lectures, informative downloads, links and discussion. Please feel free to comment on our content and direction.

Our members will be given the opportunity to contribute content to the site in the form of  submissions of their own Case Studies, Protocols and much more.

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