March 8, 2017

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Play VideoPlenary 1 MINI-SYMPOSIA – Organ Dysfunction in the Critically Ill Patient: Emerging Concepts

  • Opening Remarks – Ravindra L Mehta, MD
  • What’s New in ARDS? – Kathleen Liu, MD
  • AKI in Trauma Patients – Jacques Duranteau, MD
  • The Critically Ill Burn Patient – Matthieu LeGrand, MD
  • Personalized Medicine in Sepsis: Inhibition and Stimulation of the Immune System – Peter Pickkers, MD
  • Shared Decision Making in the ICU – Judy E. Davidson, DNP, RN
  • Panel Discussion – Moderator: John Kellum, MD

Play VideoPlenary 2 MINI-SYMPOSIA – Acute Kidney Injury (AKI): Pathophysiology

  • Preeclampsia:  Pathophysiology and Novel  Therapeutic Options – Ravi Thadhani, MD
  • Immunoregulatory Role of Tissue Microenvironment in Kidney Injury – Mark Okusa, MD
  • AKI in Kidney Transplantation – Hamid Rabb, MD
  • Renal Venous Congestion: The Unrecognized Culprit? – Matthieu LeGrand, MD
  • Does Urine Output Monitoring Improve Outcome? – John Kellum, MD
  • New Advances in the Treatment of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock – Jean-Louis Vincent, MD

March 9, 2017

Play VideoPlenary 3 MINI-SYMPOSIA – Challenges in ICU Management

  • The 10 Elements that Can Improve Outcomes in Sepsis – Jean Louis Vincent, MD
  • Lactate: Good or Bad Guy? – Lui Forni, MD
  • Neonatal AKI – Data from the International AWAKEN Study – David Askenazi, MD
  • We Should Measure Fluid Deficiency Not Fluid Responsiveness – Andrew D. Shaw, MB
  • Evaluating Muscle Mass Using Markers of Kidney Function: Sarcopenia Index – Kianoush Kashani, MD
  • AKI in the Patient with Cancer – Mitch H. Rosner, MD
  • SPECIAL LECTURE – Translating to Management Award Clinical Applications of Biomarkers in AKI: Lessons from the TRIBE-AKI Studies – Chirag Parikh, MD, PhD
  • Top Abstract Awards

Play VideoPlenary 4 MINI SYMPOSIA – Novel Strategies in AKI Management

  • Acute Interstitial Nephritis: An Update – Chirag Parikh, MD, PhD
  • Real Time Measurement of GFR Using an Optical Transdermal – Fluorescence System – Richard  Solomon, MD
  • Current and Potential Role of Point-of-care Ultrasound in Acute Kidney Injury – Jacques Duranteau, MD
  • AWARE – Operationalizing The Renal Angina Index and Biomarkers to Predict Severe AKI – Stuart Goldstein, MD
  • Biomarkers of Drug-induced Kidney Injury: Findings of the SAFE-T Consortium – Patrick Murray, MD

Play VideoPlenary 5 MINI SYMPOSIA – Challenges and Controversies in Renal Support and CRRT

  • Blood Purification for Sepsis Patients Based on the Current Pathophysiology of Sepsis – Patrick Honoré, MD
  • Nutrient Deficiency in AKI and Losses During CRRT – Marlies Ostermann, MD
  • Serum Creatinine Variability: A Renal Vital Sign? – Lakhmir Chawla, MD
  • SPECIAL LECTURE – Precision CRRT:  Results from ADQI 17 – Claudio Ronco, MD
  • Viewpoints: Timing of RRT in AKI
    We Know When to Start: Alex Zarbock, MD
    We Are Still Trying to Find Out: Ron Wald, MD
    We Are a Long Ways Off: Glenn Chertow, MD

March 10, 2017

Play VideoPlenary 6 MINI SYMPOSIA – Global Burden of AKI

  • Population Based Study of AKI Epidemiology – Kianoush Kashani, MD
  • The DoRemi Trial – Claudio Ronco, MD
  • Optimal Circumstances and Utilization of RRT in Older Critically Ill Patients  Including Presenting the Results of the OPTIMAL-AKI Study – Azra Bihorac, MD
  • AKI in the ICU: The Intensive Care Over Nations (ICON) Audit – Peter Pickkers, MD
  • Pattern and Outcome of AKI in Tertiary care Hospital in India – Sanjay Agarwal, MD
  • Education and Training to Raise Awareness of AKI in the Community – Andrew Lewington, MD
  • The ISN 0by25 AKI Pilot Study: What Have We Learnt? – Ravindra Mehta, MD
  • Community Acquired AKI in Resource Constrained Settings: Risk Assessment and Management – Etienne Macedo, MD
  • SPECIAL LECTURE – Management of AKI in the Developing World:  Highlights from ADQI 18 – Raj Chakaravarthi, MD

Play VideoPlenary 7 MINI SYMPOSIA – Emerging Strategies in AKI and Extracorporeal Support

  • Drug Induced Nephrotoxicity: Findings from the DIRECT Study – Linda Awdishu, MD
  • Update from Ongoing and Late Breaking Trials
    Alkaline Phosphatase for Septic AKI – Peter Pickkers, MD
    STAART AKI Trial Update – Kathleen Liu, MD
    Prevention of Cardiac Surgery Associated AKI: The Prev AKI Trial – Alex Zarbock, MD
  • Critical Care Nephrology: Literature Review – Noel Gibney, MB
  • Closing Remarks – Ravindra L. Mehta, MD

Breakfast Symposia Sessions (4)

Play VideoA. Fluids and Vasopressor Management in the ICU

Play VideoB. Management of AKI in Sepsis: Are We Ready?

Play VideoC. Innovations in Caring for Patients with Hyponatremia

Play VideoD. Measuring Outcomes in AKI and CRRT: Which Benchmarks Should We Use?

Lunch Symposia Sessions (8)

Play VideoW1. Measuring Renal Function: Which Biomarkers?

Play VideoW2. Fluid Management of the Critically Ill Patient: Crystalloids, Colloids and Blood Products

Play VideoW3. Extracorporeal Support for Multiorgan Failure: Emerging Strategies

Play VideoW4. Establishing and Maintaining Core Competencies for Nurses for CRRT

Play VideoT1. Biomarker Guided Management of AKI: Strategies for Improving Care

Play VideoT2. Hydration and Kidney Health

Play VideoT3. Imaging Modalities for Patients with AKI and CKD

Play VideoT4. Therapeutic Challenges in AKI and CKD: Managing Acid Base and Electrolyte Problems