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Thursday, March 30, 12:30-2:00pm (non-CME)

T1 Management of Critically Ill Patients with CRRT and Advanced Extracorporeal Technology, a Review of Clinical Scenarios
Case 1 – The Cardiac Surgery Patient: Assessment and Persistence of AKI
Speaker: Prof. Alex Zarbock
Learning objectives:
1. The role of CRRT in these patients
2. The role of biomarkers for early identification of AKI and persistence of AKI

Case 2 – The Patient With ARDS: How to Manage Fluid?
Speaker: Kianoush Kashani MD
Learning objectives:
1. The importance of early dynamic assessments to guide fluid resuscitation and avoid fluid overload
2. The role of CRRT and in these patients

Case 3 – The Septic Patient: What is the Evidence for Blood Purification?
Speaker: Javier Neyra MD
Learning objectives:
1. The role of CRRT and blood purification in these patients

Supported by: Baxter

T2 Exciting Development in the Treatment of Hepatorenal Syndrome
Objectives – Join your colleagues to discuss:

  • The pathophysiology of hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) and associated burden of disease
  • Recent clinical data for a treatment option for HRS and implications for clinical practice and patient care

Speaker: Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba, MD

Supported by: Mallinckrodt Hospital Products, Inc.

T3 AI and CDSS for AKI and RRT: Are We Ready?
Moderators: Nick Selby and Neesh Pannu
Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques are rapidly expanding and have provided new insights and opportunities to risk assess, detect and intervene in several conditions. However their application requires development of clinical decision support systems (CDSS) to improve prevention and management. This symposium will highlight the advances in the field and their application for AKI and RRT.
How to Think About Machine Learning Studies – Francis Perry Wilson
Incorporating Multi-Modal Data to Improve AKI Management – Azra Bihorac
Designing and Implementing a CDSS for AKI and RRT – Jay Koyner

Friday, March 31, 12:30-2:00pm (non-CME)

FR1 The Selective Cytopheretic Device – A Novel Host Response Targeting Cell Directed Extracorporeal Therapy in AKI
12:30pm-12:35pm – General Introduction – Dr. Kevin Chung (SeaStar Medical Chief Medical Officer)
12:35pm-1:00pm – Background/Development of SCD Device – Dr. H. David Humes (University of Michigan)
1:00pm-1:20pm – Experience in Pediatric AKI – Dr. Stu Goldstein (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital)
1:20pm-1:40pm – Experience in Adult AKI and NEUTRALIZE-AKI Study Overview – Dr. Kevin Chung
1:40pm-1:55pm – Emergency Use Case Reports in Associated ICU Conditions – Drs. Jeff DellaVolpe (San Antonio Methodist Hospital) & Kevin Chung
1:55pm-2:00pm – Audience Q&A and Conclusion – Dr. Kevin Chung & Panelists

Supported by: SeaStar Medical

FR2 Anticoagulation and Acid-Base Disorders in AKI Requiring CKRT
12:30pm-12:35pm – General Introduction – Dr. Robert Geist
12:35pm-1:05pm  – Anticoagulation Considerations and Complications in the Patient with AKI requiring CKRT – Dr. Anitha Vijayan
Case Presentation and Panel Discussion
1:05pm-1:35pm – Acidosis/Alkalosis in the Patient with AKI – Dr. Lenar Yessayan
Case Presentation and Panel Discussion
1:35pm-1:55pm – Nursing Perspectives – Kelly Davis, ACNP-BC
1:55am-2:00pm  – Audience Q&A and Conclusion
Panelists: Kelly Davis, ACNP-BC, Dr. Anitha Vijayan, Dr. Lenar Yessayan

Supported by: Fresenius Medical Care

FR3 Endotoxin: Detecting and Treating an Old Foe with New Weapons
What is Endotoxin & Why is it Important? – Dr. Ashita Tolwani
Why a Precision Medicine Approach is Needed – Dr. John Kellum

Supported by: Spectral Medical

FR4 Neonatal CRRT: Building a Program with Carpediem
Moderators: Jolyn Morgan & Dr. Cara Slagle, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Content: With limited resources, building out a dedicated neonatal program with Carpediem might seem daunting. Why you should and how to practically achieve this is covered in our 90-min luncheon symposium on building out a dedicated neonatal CRRT program with Carpediem. Moderated by staff from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, this symposium will illustrate how to overcome realistic headwinds to build a foundation and take pragmatic steps to implementation. Space is limited to the first 30 attendees, so be sure to grab your spot to learn more about Carpediem, both practically and clinically.
Supported by: Medtronic

FR5 AKI and Biomarkers:
Interesting Cases from the Bedside – And How this Could Make Me a Better Clinician

After briefly discussing the current AKI guidelines and management challenges, the practicalities of integrating novel biomarkers into AKI clinical assessment and diagnosis will be covered: who to test, when, and what to do once you have the result. Three cases of varying patient complexities will be used to provide tips from those more experienced implementing biomarkers at the bedside.
Speaker: Dr. Stuart Goldstein
Supported by: BioPorto